Cyber Security

The Cyber Security program covers topics associated with the management of computer security, incidents, and threat assessment. It trains students how to discover new methods to use information and databases. Students learn how to handle technical strategies and tools to strengthen the security of customer information. Following graduation, they will be able to apply the principles of critical thinking in order to resolve issues creatively and systematically.

Subjects studied:

  • Basics of IT Security Systems;
  • Legal Issues in Cyber Security;
  • Risk Management in IT;
  • Security
  • IT Auditing;
  • Safety Strategies for Windows/Linux
    Network Security, Firewalls, and VPN;
  • Hacking Techniques and Tools;
  • Protection against Online Hackers;
  • System Expertise and Research;
  • Cyberwarfare;
  • Security in Wireless and Mobile Devices;
  • Social Psychology;
  • Statistics;
  • Ethics for Business Professionals;
  • Microeconomics.

You may pursue a career as:

  • Security Engineer;
  • Administrator of Security Systems;
  • Network Security Engineer;
  • Computer Network Protection Engineer;
  • Risk Analyst;
  • Network Analyst;
  • Expert Digital/Web Security.


IT & Computer Science – Rankings 2018

GR = General Ranking
GER = General Employability Ranking

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